Burns Night celebration!

Burns night celebration paperback book on how to host a successful Burns Night

A perfect guide to hosting a fabulous Burns Night celebration!

Looking for the perfect last minute Christmas Gift? It’s never too late to get my book in time for Burns Night in Jan!

Daniel has been hosting a legendary Burns Night supper for 21 years now, in locations as diverse as Edinburgh, London, Los Angeles & Marrakech, so who better to talk you through your own Burns Night celebration?

Daniel Bee has come up with this 2016 guide to hosting a modern, fun and stress free Burns Night celebration. This fun and concise guidebook is packed full of helpful information and easy to follow advice. A suggested order of events, poems and song lyrics, menu ideas and even tips on how to cook the haggis.

Burns night celebration tartan plaid designs

I always get asked about certain aspects of a Burns Night Supper.
Such as What to wear? What happens on the night? What food shall I serve?

Below I have highlighted the main aspects of throwing a successful Burns Night Supper:

1) Order of events tips and ideas
2) Poem and song booklet
3) Bill ‘O Fare menu + recipe ideas
4) What to wear?
5) Burns night music
6) Common Scottish phases and sayings
7) What to drink? Which Whisky to choose?
8) Short biography on Robbert Burns.

These along with other useful tips and advise can be brought here –  http://www.amazon.co.uk/How-celebrate-Burns-Night-celebrating/dp/1507585845

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